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Welcome to Myers Guitars.

I started building back in the early 80's when I made my own version of a Gibson Les Paul using a power drill and a saber saw. Surprisingly, the guitar turned out well enough that I actually sold it. I started my first archtop in 1983 during a brief opportunity to work with a cello maker who lived in South Boston. He taught me archtop construction in exchange for taking him out to run errands on Saturdays. Those Saturdays yielded half of an archtop guitar. Then, as often happens, one thing led to another and I completed it 18 years later.

By the time it was finished, I realized that the process of building an archtop guitar was something that resonated with me. As I became more serious about building, I also developed a close friendship with renowned archtop builder Mark Campellone, whose work includes one of the Smithsonian Blue Guitars. In the past decade Mark has generously shared his knowledge (not to mention his wood, Rolodex contacts, tools and his Italian cooking) with me as I've tried to find my own identity as a builder. To work with an experienced builder like Mark is very special. Sometimes he would offer suggestions, he might say 'throw it away and do it over' or offer how other builders did things. His experience has given me vital insight into the art of the archtop guitar.

There is something very elegant about the archtop guitar. Whether it is the lovely curves, the beautiful character of the woods or the economy of the design, when I string one up and hear its voice for the first time, I feel that I have made something unique.

I hope you like what you see here.

Chris Myers
Norton, MA.

"Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy"
Psalm 96:12

Shop photos: Connor Myers
Guitar photos: Shane Photography