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I have been a part-time guitar builder since the early 1980’s when I built my first solid body electric with a power drill and a saber saw. In 1983 I was given a brief opportunity to learn archtop guitar construction from an elderly cello maker with a shop in South Boston in exchange for my taking him out on Saturdays to run errands. Those Saturdays yielded one archtop guitar body. Then, as often happens, life intervened. I finished the archtop 18 years later.

By the time I had completed it I realized that the process of archtop building resonated with me. As my interest in the process grew I became friends with renowned archtop maker Mark Campellone, whose work includes one of the Smithsonian Blue Guitars. Besides naming my SC archtop, Mark has cheerfully shared his knowledge, wood, Rolodex contacts and tools (not to mention his Italian cooking) with me. His generosity, experience and knowledge have helped me to grow as an archtop builder.

There is something very elegant about the archtop guitar. Whether it is the lovely curves, the exotic woods or the economy of the design, when I string one up and hear its voice for the first time, I feel that I have made something special.

I hope you like what you see here.

Chris Myers, Norton MA.

"Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy" Psalm 96:12


The Orpheum

The Orpheum

The SC

The SC


A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 will be required at the time the order is placed. Receipt of the deposit will put your order on the building schedule and will guarantee the price of the instrument. Specification changes to the instrument after the order has been placed will only be permitted if the relative progress of the guitar construction allows it. Balance due upon completion of the instrument.

- Floating magnetic or piezo contact pickup - $200
- Multi-ply body binding - $100
- Premium wood upgrade - please call
-Bound f-holes (Orpheum only) - $200
-Soundport - $200
-Rear peghead veneer - $100

Myers Guitars are warranteed to the original purchaser of the instrument against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as I am engaged in the making of guitars.
If any instrument is found to be defective, Chris Myers will, at his discretion, repair or replace any defective part or material or refund the purchase price of the instrument.

The following conditions are not covered under this warranty:
-Damage resulting from accident, misuse, neglect or normal wear.
- Cracking of wood or lacquer or any other damage resulting from exposure to extremes or rapid changes of temperature or humidity.

If it becomes necessary to return an instrument for warranty repair, charges to ship the instrument to Chris Myers shall be paid by the customer. Charges for return shipment to customer shall be paid by Chris Myers.
Any modification or repair performed on an instrument by a third party without authorization in advance by Chris Myers may void your warranty.


Mark Campellone

Maker of exceptional archtop guitars, dispensor of archtop wisdom and regional Italian cooking.

Homestead Finishing Products

Myers Guitars is proud to use finishing products provided by Jeff Jewitt and Homestead Finishing Products.

TJ Thompson

Rescuer of Pre-War Martins, builder of exceptional guitars and stone-cold Plek driver, TJ Thompson's proluthiertools.com provides invaluable tools to the professional luthier and repair community.

Rolly Brown

National Guitar Fingerpicking Champion and one of Myers Guitars’ earliest partners, Rolly is a gifted player and an inspired guitar teacher. All that, plus he rides a BMW.

Francisco Pais

One of Myers Guitars’ original test pilots, Francisco is a gifted jazz guitarist and recording artist.

Featured Media

My friend Rolly Brown plays a great arrangement of Thelonious Monk's 'Round Midnight' on his unamplified 16" SC.

Rolly Brown walks through the acoustic and electric attributes of his SC archtop which includes a K&K Pure Archtop piezo pickup attached to the underside of the top, along with a floating Kent Armstrong humbucker attached to the pickguard.
Thumbwheel controls on the pickguard include a volume and tone control for the Armstrong as well as a volume control for the K&K.
The pickups are wired into a stereo Switchcraft output jack.

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